Honda Civic

For the launch of Civic Generation 10 we created a visual site with engaging content that showed all the qualities and characteristics of the new car, the models, features and news, as well as making a comparative illustrated and playful among the models of previous generations, wich since 1972 marked a time of design, technology and performance.

The main objective was to take the consumer and lover of the Civic to a dealership, register their intentions of purchase, even before the launch of the car to the market. In this way we create for the point of sale the VR Experience, a technological experience in which the person could enter the car in a virtual way and make an internal tour, in addition to a roadtrip interactive tour. The VR video on the site showed a teaser of this experience and the user could find the dealer with this demonstration closer to his locality.

My role: UI, UX and Visual Design, Art Direction and Creation of content to present the New Civic Generation 10.


Mobile Site


Desktop Site