Natura 101 Belezas

Natura is a huge brazilian corporation that was born from the passion for cosmetics. The company's mission is to promote the Well Being Well. Their products are the highest expression of the Brazilian essence.? In order to connect people
transform things, the idea of Coletivo 101 Belezas (101 Beauties Collective) emerged a space to share beauty,
see makeup tutorials, discover techniques, tips and stories of the feminine universe.

The site needed a clean, beautiful and attractive design. The images are from internet personalities that create fashion and beauty content and ordinary people who love each other and see a more beautiful world through the makeup.

Working close to the Salve_ On-Life Agency team, I was a freelancer and my role was to do the Digital Art Direction, UI / UX and Visual Design of the Natura's Coletivo 101 Belezas responsive site.


Desktop Site