Product Designer Lead
UXR, UXD & UI Designer

I was responsible for leading the design team. I also learned and applied the company’s business needs. I led the end-to-end Product Design process: co-creation with stakeholders, UX research, problem mapping, insights and ideation, wireframes, prototyping, high fidelity UI Design screens, developing the user map flows and scenarios.


A startup founded five years ago, which helps contractor MEIs (individual micro-entrepreneur) manage their company: accounting and finances.
Some relevant topics
• Has experience and technological structure to make bulk payments (in the thousands)
• More than 365,000 contractor MEIs have been paid by SmartMEi
• Has made more than 3.3 million payments in more than 4,700 municipalities across Brazil
• The main customer is Rappi, working for all their contractors, motorcycle couriers, and bikers from all over the country
• Offer companies help with their accounting, invoicing, and taxes (including Federal Income Tax)

• There is a growing movement of hiring contractors in Brazil
• Companies do not offer benefits to contractors
• Benefits are typically offered to employees
• Compared to contractors, employees have a different relationship with companies

SmartMEi’s challenge
To be the biggest partner to contractors MEI

My Challenge as a Product Designer
Designing the SmartMEi APP Benefits section


Design the benefits section experience in a simple and intuitive way

Method | Discovery

The working method is based on the double diamond.
This is the moment when the investigation process begins.

UX Research | Interview with the contractor MEI

Understand the contractor MEI necessities

Interviewee profile:
• An individual legal entity without partners or contractors
• Service provider

Which areas will benefit from the investigation:
• Product and Innovation sector
• Contractor as the end-user

What is the expected result?
User adherence

Number of interviews:  23

Where: SEBRAE's entrepreneur event, São Paulo

Tab - Google Sheets:


Analyzing the contractor MEIs necessities:


Problems | Insights

Prioritization is decided by the designer and the Head of Products | CEO present in the weekly product meeting.

The contractor MEI's problems highlighted below are the ones prioritized, as it impacts the business and the user the most:



By mapping the relationship between the companies and the contractor MEI, we understand where SmartMEi stands.

• APP for contractors: offering benefits and credit to purchase

Goal | Keep in mind

Design the benefits section experience in a simple and intuitive way

UI Design

High fidelity screens
Contractors feel helpless because they don’t have company benefits

Assumption / Possible solution
SmartMEi would be the intermediary of benefits between the contractor and the company
Difficulty getting credit at the bank

Assumption / Possible solution
Offer credit with a payroll discount
Does not have health insurance due to the high price charged

Assumption / Possible solution
Offer low-cost health plans

Design System

High fidelity UI screens and Design System in Figma:


The prototype helps us to better understand navigation and interaction.

High fidelity in Marvel APP:

User Map Flow

• Documentation for stakeholders with the UI screens
• Browsable streams separated by sessions
• Usage scenarios: normal, success, go back and error
• Notes to developers with business and product rules

Benefits Overflow with all flows:

Designers & Engineers

When the user scenarios were completed, the Head of Products held a meeting with the engineers to show the design and to align rules for the development. After that, I had a clear understanding of what the MVP would be.

Takeaways / What I learned

• When you realize that developers are in trouble, support them and ask how I can help

• In the absence of a PM who doesn’t have a design culture, carry out product management by sharing management with stakeholders

• Test more

Let's create something together